February 14, 2016

Break out of your usual routine

Are you after some inspiration for the perfect make-up look for a date? Break out of your usual routine and learn how to create this flirty make-up look!


1. Apply the CC Primer Colour & Care to the entire face to create a perfect base for make-up and help it stay longer. The primer will even out the skin tone and brighten up the complexion.
2. Apply a little bit of the Light Concealer under the eyes to cover up dark circles and illuminate the skin. It will make you look fresher and more awake.
3. Apply the Light Concealer also around your nose to cover up redness. To give greater definition to your lips put the concealer around your mouth to hide shadows.


1. Using the Foundation Brush, apply foundation to the entire face.
2. Choose your foundation shade by matching the colour to your jawline.



1. Next, with your finger – apply a little bit of the eyeshadow base to the upper eyelid. Make sure it is spread nicely and evenly. The base will make your make-up last longer and the eyeshadow colour will be bolder and more vibrant.
2. Apply Desert Sand Cashmere Eyeshadow to the entire eyelid by pressing it gently. The highlight colour will brighten up your eyes.


1. Add intensity and sharpen the look by using a darker colour. Apply Wenge Wood Cashmere Eyeshadows with the Eyeshadow Brush. Begin at the outside corner of your eyes and sweep in a ‘C’ shape inwards on the lash line, back up and around inward on the crease of your eyelids.
2. Then using the soft Blending Brush, blend the eyeshadow nicely to give your eyes an extra definition.


1. To get deeper and more saturated colour, apply the Baked Blush Delicious Papaya with a wet Eyeshadow Sponge to the eyelid.
2. With the same wet sponge, dab a bit of the Baked Blush Golden Toffee to the centre of the eyelid in order to revive the look.


1. Apply a tiny dab of the Multicolour Highlighter Golden Jewel underneath the eyebrow arch and the brow bone to give your brow an instant lift.
2. Place it in the inner corner of the eye and along the bottom lash line for a sparkling eye effect. The highlight will open up your entire eye, giving you a bright look.


1. To define your eyes and give greater depth to your look use Navy Blue Liquid Eyeliner. Draw a thick line from the outer and inner corners of your eye toward the centre, and then finish the line by moving toward the outer corner.
2. Enhance the upper and lower lashes with Phenomenal Mascara.


1. To emphasise your cheekbones, sweep a bit of the pearlescent Baked Blush Golden Toffee to the cheeks. It will warm up and beautifully complement the look.
2. To add a sunny glow to your skin and highlight your natural features, use the Multicolour Highlighter Golden Jewel along the cheekbones, forehead, bridge of the nose, above the upper lip-cupid’s bow and dab a bit to the chin.


1. Apply the Matte Lip Colour Pink Orchid to the lower lip. Start at the centre of the lip and fill in the entire surface. Repeat the process with the lower lip.
2. Set the make up by using the Makeup Setting Spray. It will provide you with a smoother-looking skin and give your makeup serious staying power.