January 29, 2017

The strength and energy needed immediately, or how to naturally stimulate the body to action

Everyday problems can successfully keep us awake at night. The alarm clock keep ringing and instead of stopping a blissful rest it just informs us that despite the lack of sleep we have to get up and leave home.

After long hours of work, there’s no relaxation or chill, again we have a lot to do regardless of whether we feel great or like going back to bed. How to have the power to do all we need? How to deal with a daily energy crisis and live each day to the fullest? Today, we’re trying to find an answer to this question.

One of the first solutions that come to mind about the energy crisis and fatigue is to grab an energy drink. Store shelves are full of these liquids. In fact, most of them have nearly identical composition, but differ in taste, capacity and above all the price. The basic ingredients of energy drinks include: water, sugar, acidity regulators, carbon dioxide, caffeine and taurine, often contain higher doses of B group vitamins, which have an energising effect at the time of weakness and exhaustion. Their effect is temporary yet intense – a huge dose of sugar in combination with stimulants gives us the impression of increased concentration, agitation and a big energy boost.

Beverages of this type are recommended especially for athletes and people who by strenuous physical work need an instant regeneration of physical and mental powers – for them, having an energy drink once in a while is justified. The most common nutritional mistake is the use of such beverages by people with a sedentary lifestyle, students or office workers. The result of abuse of these products include being overweight, gastric irritation by a large amount of chemicals and preservatives used in production of energy drinks as well as prolonged fatigue caused by dehydration.

In that case, you may want to try coffee? After all, coffee is 100% natural, so it should not cause harm to our body. It contains relatively large doses of a natural substance called caffeine – one cup contains 70-140 mg. It has a particular impact on the functions of the central nervous system: it is perceived as a psychostimulant, hence its use at the moments of the lack of strength, decrease of energy or motivation. Research also shows that caffeine consumed in adequate doses improves our productivity and increases responsiveness and the ability to memorize. There is evidence that coffee drinking is beneficial if you drink it regularly, but in small doses (1-2 small coffee a day). People who drink coffee often complain about frequent anxiety, increased feeling of stress, headaches, and – contrary to appearances – drowsiness.

What to do if you need power immediately and do not know where to get it? The answer to this question can be a healthy diet, rich in all essential vitamins and minerals, as well as skillful use of the bounties of mother nature.

There are many natural solutions, which should be used to have more vital powers. It’s good to pay attention to the foods that contain high amounts of vitamins B, also known as energizing vitamins. Vitamins of this group play a special role in the proper functioning of our brain and nerve tissue. Group B vitamin deficiency can cause irritation, problems with concentration and often are a stimulating factor at the beginning of depression.

At the core of our health there is good diet, which is rich in vegetables and fruits as well as high quality unprocessed food products. Beside healthy eating habits also a properly selected supplementation is important to eliminate fatigue, lack of motivation or bad mood. The NUTRICODE VITALITY BOOST comes in very handy here! ! It’s a product which works great for our bodies and provides us with a powerful dose of energy for the body and mind. The day liquid sachets in addition to the complex of antioxidant and B group vitamins contains a serving of caffeine, which stimulates us to act. The formula of the night tablets, in turn, is responsible for the increased metabolism at night so that you operate more efficiently during the day. A big advantage of the VITALITY BOOST system is that it actively supports our body’s antioxidant protection thanks to vitamins C and E, some of the strongest antioxidants.

As you can see, we do not need to drink hectolitres of coffee and energy drinks to preserve our life energy. The key to maintaining good condition, both mental and physical, is a healthy, varied diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, and the skillful use of the bounties of mother nature in the form of supplements and plant extracts which stimulate our bodies.