June 14, 2016

Scents for everyone

Not all of us have our sense of smell developed in the way that we can discover without problems which notes are behind the heart of a certain fragrance.  For those who find it easier to match a scent to the occasion or to the character of a particular person, our specialists created an original guide through the exclusive FM fragrances. When creating the guide, we aimed at the character of a scent and also the occasion, and time of the day for which the scent is recommended. Usually heavier, sexy and provocative scents should be used in the evening, on a date or sophisticated dinner. Lighter scents should be chosen to work, school, for everyday. We should reach for energising scents during sports or a party.

Fragrances for women


A combination of chic with a bit of lightness is perfect for everyday, especially at work. It provides the sense of comfort and femininity.


Exceptionally charming scents, irreplaceable when we want to make a sensational impression or when we want to be remembered.


Mild compositions for ladies who like to be close to nature. Light, fresh and very subtle. Perfect for everyday.


Universal compositions that never go out of fashion. They can be used everyday, but some ladies prefer to leave them for special occasions.


Brave scents that intrigue with their ambiguity. They combine elegance with the note of extravagance. With a bit of self-confidence they can be used anytime and anywhere.


A discreet invitation to a tempting flirt. Not everythingneeds to be expressed with words, sometimes only a proper scent is enough and all becomes clear.


Scents for ladies who fight their way through, and are not afraid of new challenges. These scents will be perfect for more or less official social meetings.


Stirring and ethereal compositions for ladies who are no strangers to romantic passion. They are inspiration to dreams and impulse to spontaneous actions.


Intense emotions created by these compositions give every lady the chance to feel exceptionally sexy. A perfect choice for the evening.


Delightfully sweet and very girlish. Fantasy-like, a bit whimsical, but full of charm. Perfect for the first date.


Dynamic, refreshing scents recommended for ladies who lead an active lifestyle. It’s worth to release their energising power before going jogging or to the gym.


Artistic compositions that spread the charm of elegance and compelling perfection. Harmoniously blooming bouquet of aromas will delight even the most demanding ladies.


Light, invigorating, flickering scents that captivate with their freshness and vigour. Perfect for incorrigible optimists who burst with positive energy.


Scents for ladies who like to spread the charm of mystery around them. They like to surprise and be surprised. A perfect addition to evening dresses.


Sensual, hot scents that carry you to the world of unforgettable sensations. They seduce with intransigence and tempt with the wealth of fragrance compositions. It is the quintessence of femininity. Especially recommended for the evening.

Fragrances for men


Pleasant, immediately captivate with perfectly selected fragrance notes. Ideal for everyday, for work, for business meetings.


Sophisticated compositions of the noblest fragrance notes. Perfect for situations when you need to show class.


Casual scents that captivate with their lightness. They bring delicate refreshment. Perfect for everyday.


Unique, a bit extravagant scents that guarantee a good time at a crazy party.


A huge dose of positive energy and indescribable freshness. Energising citrus notes stimulate to taking new challenges.


Scents for men who know what they want and confidently pursue their goals. Seductive compositions emphasising self-confidence and lust for new sensations.


Surprising combinations. Unusual sensations. Strong scents are recommended for individuals who stick to their guns and who value originality.