July 5, 2016

Scent pyramids

Every fragrance composition has its characteristic structure – it is comprised from hundreds of single fragrance notes. Particular notes, of different durability and intensity, create the so-called scent pyramid. On the top of the pyramid there are light and ethereal head notes, and at the base of the pyramid there are base notes, also called accords of depth. In this way we can create a schematic structure of the fragrance composition.

Head note

Flickering, ethereal head note is also called the high note. It is perceptible directly after spraying the scent on the skin and disappears after maximum 15 minutes. It is delicate and volatile, but it plays a really important role: it is responsible for the first impression on the fragrance. Usually it is a note of citrus or spices.

Heart note

Heart accord, medium note, blooms after around 20 minutes from spraying and fades out after several hours. It is the basis of classification in fragrance family and it defines the main theme of the fragrance composition.

Base note

Base note, that brings depth to compositions, is the background of the scent. It includes deep, balsamic and intense notes and scent preservers. It can last even for over a dozen hours. It usually consists of ambergris, musk, resins, vetiver, cedar and patchouli.