April 1, 2016

Scent made to measure

Genius is needed to create a beautiful, seductive and unforgettable composition. From over ten thousand fragrance notes that a human being can differentiate, perfume creators use just over two thousand. Time is also needed; in the past, perfumes were composed over the period of several years. Today, thanks to progress in chemistry, perfume creators are able to invent an astonishing composition in only a few weeks.

Scent made to measure

In the past, scents were created for a specific person, but nowadays perfume makers create fragrances for a specific target group. The desired recipients are described in detail; firstly: the creator knows their sex, knows where they live, how much they earn and what they aspire to. Furthermore, what is established is a set of emotions and impressions that are to accompany a scent. A fragrance can be fresh, hypnotising, optimistic, delicate, sporty, mysterious or sexy. And finally, the promise made by the scent is determined – for example it is to envelop, refresh, take to an exotic place, seduce. The scent can be simple and light, or heavy and full of contradictions. A go-getting fragrance for teenagers will be created differently than the combination of notes for business, elegant, or timeless fragrances. Sometimes, perfume creators receive information which notes should be used. When magnolias are trendy, creators are asked to use magnolia notes. If oud scents are popular, the new product should contain this note. What can also be requested is for the fragrance not to contain a certain note, for example if the ozone note stops being popular, it should not be used in the fragrance.

Perfect composition

Perfume makers who have received certain instructions, start the process of creation: they create a fragrance composition. For this purpose, they combine different scents and check how the notes harmonise with each other, how the composition develops during the whole life of the fragrance. Special blotting paper is used for that – it is dipped in the mixture. When the substance on the paper dries, creators smell the fragrant strip and introduce necessary amendments: add or deduct notes, play with their intensity. In this way, the scent can be warmed up, deepened, or balanced, toned down, made more flickering, vibrating, heavy or enveloping. By trial and error, a precious formula is created, on the basis of which perfume will be made and poured into millions of beautiful bottles sold all over the world.