October 7, 2016

Mysterious pheromones

For many years scientists have tried to explore the mystery of pheromones; however they still remain intangible to us. 

They are scentless, this is why we do not smell them with our sense of smell, but we know they influence our subconsciousness. For many years it was believed that humans, on the contrary to insects and some rodents, do not excrete pheromones. However the latest research proves otherwise. Another mystery for researchers is the way in which we sense pheromones. Latest publications on pheromones state that it is not olfactory ephitelium that is responsible for reception of pheromones, but the specialised vomeronasal organ.

The most beautiful aphrodisiac

The appearance of pheromones was a big breakthrough in the history of perfumery. A small amount of synthetically produced pheromones can be added to perfumes in order to increase their stimulant effect. Pheromones added to a fragrance composition do not change its original scent, but enrich it with a new dimension beyond the senses. Today pheromones are considered an aphrodisiac that is exciting and responsible for non-verbal communication. It is worth using compositions enriched with pheromones when we go on a date, want to make an incredible impression on someone, or we simply want someone to like us.

Pheromones in business

Pheromones and fragrances containing the addition of pheromones are also a secret weapon of many business people. Thanks to pheromones, you gain more self-confidence, and therefore – valuable advantage over competitors. The awareness of such support beyond senses releases more energy and strength to action! Pheromones also cause others to perceive us better: as attractive people who are aware of their strength and charisma. We have the chance to become real leaders who gather crowds!