March 25, 2016

Lip gloss… universal cosmetic

Lip gloss is a cosmetic that you can use regardless of your age. It makes lips look more tempting and glossy. Even if you are not experienced in applying make-up, you will find application of a lip gloss very easy.

Depending on the shape of your lips you can choose appropriate formula and colour of your lip gloss. Lip glosses moisturise and nourish lips. Some of them have not only a stunning colour, but also an appetising scent. Fruity lip glosses tempt with the scent of delicious wild strawberries, cherries, peaches or raspberries, and their glossy colours will subtly emphasise the colour and shape of your lips giving them fantastic shine.

If you lips are thin, use a light, pearly, opalising or enlarging lip gloss. Spicy Nude Lip gloss – Plump Lip Effect – will improve the blood flow to your lips. It will allow you to achieve the effect of subtly enlarged lips. If your lips are full choose a lip gloss in a neutral colour.Face of beautiful caucasian blonde woman

Everyday, when you go to work or classes, use a lip gloss that has a colour similar to the natural colour of your lips. A delicate shade will add freshness to your face. If you want to achieve the effect of cocktail make up, that is elegant and stronger, not as strong however as evening make up, emphasise your lips for example with a lip gloss in a sensual coral colour that matches all the eyeshadow shades and looks very chic. For such occasions Subtle Rose Lip gloss is ideal. In the evening, strongly emphasise your lips with a lip gloss in a sensual cherry colour. Try our Plum Gold Lip gloss.

Face of beautiful caucasian blonde woman
Face of beautiful caucasian blonde woman

Adjust the make-up of your lips not only to the time of the day, but also to the make-up of your eyes. If your eyes are strongly emphasised use a lip gloss in a delicate colour, for example Innocent Pink Lip Gloss – Wet Lip Effect).


You can apply the lip gloss on the lips which have already been coloured with a lipstick. If you apply a shiny lip gloss only to the middle of the lower lip, your lips will seem fuller and more sensual.

Lip gloss. Square composition.