October 30, 2016


All in one note. Experts agree that full harmony and prolonging the scent can be achieved through synchronised usage of several cosmetics that have the same fragrance notes. First, we use a perfumed shower gel, then we apply a perfumed body balm, hand cream and roll-on, and only then do we jump into the mist of sprayed perfume. This layered application is simply called layering. This measure avoids situations when scents of different cosmetics mix and bring the effect that we did not desire.

Also for men

Men can also use layering. They can use the same scent of not only shower gels and balms, but also shaving foam, after shaves and after shave balms with the same fragrance notes as parfum or eau de parfum. Thanks to the appropriate choice of wide range of perfumed cosmetics, the effect of scent duration will be more noticeable, and the same fragrance compositions will create the harmonious whole.

Absolute happiness

Layering is also a difficult art of mixing scents. Nowadays, some fragrance compositions appear not only in body care cosmetics, but are also used in car perfumes, home perfumes, and even vacuum fresheners. In turn, in order for the scent of freshly washed clothes to harmonise with the scent of perfume, specially modified perfume compositions are used in laundry liquids, fabric softeners, and wardrobe fragrances. However, with this intensity of identical fragrance notes you should make sure the final effect is not too overpowering, but rather delighting with durability.