May 6, 2016

Fragrance Families

When classifying perfumes, experienced creators of fragrance compositions use categories of fragrance families, also known as olfactory groups. Affiliation to a particular fragrance family is established on the basis of dominating notes in the heart note. Presently, we can differentiate between seven main fragrance families.


The largest and the most versatile group of scents is the floral fragrance family. It is the essence of femininity expressed with aromatic oils of roses, peony, jasmine with the addition of freshness of fruit or intensity of exotic spices. The Floral fragrance family is divided into five sub-families: floral-fruity, floral-oriental, floral-water, floral-green and floral-aldehyde.


Oriental scents are sensual and seductive. They are warm and exotic compositions. The notes that appear here are sweet vanilla, spicy scents of cardamom, cinnamon, and also strong accents of incense and ambergris. The oriental group includes three subgroups: oriental-floral, spicy, and ambergris.


Fern and lavender complemented with oakmoss, fresh herbs or coumarin, create an extremely intriguing fougère fragrance familiy. Its name derives from French word meaning “fern.” The history of this group reaches the 19th century – it was then that the best known fragrance composition from this family was created: Fougère Royale. Due to the composition, the group is divided into subgroups depending on which note is dominating: lavender, fern and vetiver.


Exceptional woody compositions, herbal aroma of patchouli, aromatic bergamot oil, castoreum, or cedar oil – these are the notes that intoxicatingly pulsate in the heart of chypre scents. The name of the group comes from French for Cyprus. Scents that belong to this group have been divided into sub-families: chypre-fruity, chypre-woody, chypre-oriental and chypre-animal.


Warm and rich notes of sandalwood and guaiacum tree, patchouli oils combined with a bit raw and classy aromas of cedar and vetiver create an elegant and sophisticated group of woody fragrances. It comprises of several sub-families: floral, fruity and patchouli or vetiver.


Fresh and juicy fruit – lime, lemon, orange and bergamot – create an exceptionally refreshing citrus group that invigorates and energises. In the past, scents from this group were created for men, however nowadays it is considered a universal group. Depending on the composition, the citrus fragrance family can be divided into four subgroups: lemon, tangerine, orange and bergamot.


Water fragrance family is one of the youngest families. Notes that dominate are cool and refreshing notes of sea breeze, water flower and grass, complemented by green or metallic notes. They envelop the body with a pleasant, light, flickering mist. The family comprises of citrus and green scents.