March 21, 2016

Chemical revolution

The real revolution in perfume production occurred in the 19th century.
Thanks to fast progress of chemistry, some natural materials that previously were expensive and hard to obtain (e.g. musk), were then replaced by substances created in the process of chemical synthesis. This solution caused the fall of perfume prices and enlarged the group of people involved in creating fragrances. Aldehydes, which were unknown before, added power and freshness to the compositions. The history of scent after World War Two follows the the history of fashion, both became closely connected. In America, Hollywood played a substantial role in the promotion of perfumes – by creating the image of a woman of dreams: beautiful, sensual and seductively smelling, wearing only a drop of beloved perfume to bed…

The 70’s were the time of more personalisation of scent and adjusting it to the modern lifestyle. However, the full triumph of individuality happened in the 80’s with their strong, intoxicating scents. This calmed down, and the return to pure scent occurred in the 90’s. Then, more delicate and fresh scents appeared – along with unisex fragrances – identical for men and women.

21st century and FEDERICO MAHORA

Now, we can talk about the whole perfume industry. Thousands of people all over the world work so that we can spray on our favourite perfumes everyday: people who pick flowers, who search for new fragrance notes, chemists, creators, and then marketing and advertising specialists. Fragrances and their properties are also looked into by scientists, especially psychologists who work on special tests allowing us to choose perfumes that suit our personality and lifestyle. Research regarding alternative medicine (e.g. influence of scent on mood) and marketing (aromarketing) is just as interesting.

The new chapter in perfume history was opened by FM Federico Mahora brand emerging on the market – a company founded in 2004 by Artur Trawinski from Wroclaw, Poland. FM fragrances instantly conquered the hearts of perfume lovers all over the world. From that moment, we made sure that scents, although more widespread and available, did not lose any of their uniqueness. We ensure that fragrances, even if used everyday, still remain mysterious and a little magical…