June 3, 2016

Character of perfume

When describing perfumes, you cannot forget about their character. This term is used by the experts to define the main theme of the scent or simply fragrance sub-family. It is established on the basis of origin and connotations of fragrance
notes that the composition is comprised of.

Notes that create character add depth and multidimensionality to perfume and make the scent unique. There are many scents, and also many characters. They change along with fashion. Sometimes, musk fragrances are trendy, sometimes it is green scents.


This theme brings to the composition the feeling of freshness. When we want to give a scent the aura of greenness, we add to the composition for example galbanum notes.


Sea scents include perfumes whose theme is the sea. They are associated with a refreshing, lightly salty sea breeze or beach warmed up with the sun.


Aldehydes which are synthetic chemical substances make the scent sharp, slightly oily or soapy. Aldehydes enrich floral fragrances.


Edible, appetising notes of for example honey, chocolate or tiramisu point toward a very modern character of the composition that was influenced by aromas associated with food, described as flavoured.


The presence of spices such as cinnamon, cardamom or cloves points toward a spicy character of the composition. These themes can be found most frequently in the oriental fragrance family.


The fruity character of the composition is created by juicy and sweet fruit notes, for example apple, currants, peaches, papaya, pineapple or raspberries.


The scent of musk reminds a bit of paraffin. In the past, in perfumery musk was acquired from glands of musk deer, but nowadays this character is achieved thanks to synthetic white musk.


Clear and cool metallic notes make the scent associated with modernity and sterility. One of the most recognisable metallic notes is the note of iron.


Ambergris compositions have a lot of warmth and sensuality. Nowadays natural ambergris (secretion of sperm whale) is used very rarely; it is substituted with a synthetic equivalent.


Sensual leather notes add a very masculine character to scents. They are very alluring, and at the same time natural and pleasant to the senses.


One of the most primeval organic fragrance notes: sweat or fur, give the scent a primeval character. They are used more and more rarely nowadays.