January 28, 2017

Balance first and foremost or how to control our health

The world accelerates and so do we. The changes are related not only to modern technology and infrastructure development. Our life also changes constantly. We’ve got less and less time for ourselves, we work a lot and are always in a hurry.

We go by public transport or car from point A to point B, in the meantime we grab a quick, unhealthy snack and sip an energy drink to keep up with the pace. We are increasingly annoyed and irritated. We forget to celebrate life and enjoy every single moment of it. What’s the point of it all? What about balance and the peace we’re dreaming of? What we can do for ourselves to slow down a little and take care of our own affairs?

Balance is the key to a person’s life. Not only spiritual or psychic balance, but also the one of our body. It helps us to stay healthy and live to the fullest. Often when speaking about inner balance we come across the concept of homeostasis. Homeostasis is a state of constancy of the internal environment of the body. It’s an issue of stability of basic parameters, such as blood pressure, body temperature, blood pH, hormonal balance, and many, many others.

One of the most important parameters of homeostasis is the maintenance of acid-base balance of the body. It is the factor of normal metabolic processes in the body. Acidic blood, or its pH is the parameter which tells us a lot about the state of our health. The blood of a healthy eating and physically active man should be slightly alkaline: pH 7.35-7.45. It’s the range in which all metabolic processes take naturally place in our body. There are many mechanism that make up for the maintenance of the acid-base balance including digestion, circulation, excretion of carbon dioxide through the lungs. Disturbances at any of these stages may lead to acidification of blood, which is the point where the pH has a value of less than 7. This happens for many internal and external factors, and the most significant causes of acidification of the body are classified as: improper diet, rich in acidifying products, low physical activity, life in a hurry and stress.

There are various symptoms of having an acidified organism. The first visible changes include weakness, dark circles under the eyes, headaches, digestive problems. The lack of balance often manifests in the form of dry and very sensitive skin, hair loss and nail problems. Also, our mood suffers if our body is acidified – we do not have good humour, it’s difficult for us to focus, there are problems with learning and concentration. All of these symptoms deprive us of the joy of living and motivation to act. We cannot give up though, our body needs our help. It’s high time to cleanse our organism!

You’re probably wondering how to clean your body properly? There is a very good method of getting rid of all unpleasant symptoms of decrease in the blood pH. It’s called de-acidification of the body and consists, first and foremost, in changing eating habits and including daily workout or relaxation classes, as not only the body but also the spirit balance is important. So let’s find the time for fitness or yoga classes – be it even twice a week. This will significantly improve our well-being and strengthen our body.

The first step to de-acidify the body is introducing the alkaline diet. It consists in minimising the intake of the foods that acidify the body strongly. These include:

  • meat and sausages
  • sugar and sweets
  • alcohol
  • carbonated drinks
  • white wheat flour and products made with it
  • cheese
  • white rice
  • black tea
  • chocolate, cocoa, and salt

Let’s forget the theory according to which sour products acidify the body. Speaking of the acidic nature of a food product we do not mean its taste, but how the product behaves in the body during metabolism. In the alkaline diet, there is also a range of products that we can eat once in a while because they’re semi-acidic. These include fish, eggs, milk, plums, corn, rye bread, brown rice, peanuts. A de-acidifying diet, therefore, consists in providing your body with food product of base-forming nature, the main task of which is to restore the pH of our blood to a value of approx. 7.35-7.45. For this purpose, it is recommended to consume large quantities of such products as:

  • vegetables: zucchini, eggplant, carrots, leaf lettuce, spinach, cucumber, radish, celery, beets, broccoli, and all vegetable juices,
  • fruits: kiwi, watermelon, pineapple, dates, figs, grapes, strawberries, ripe bananas, avocados, raspberries and many, many others.

In addition, we recommend the use of neutral products, which can include butter, cream, yogurt and all kinds of vegetable oils. It is also recommended to drink plenty of liquids – approx. 2 litres of mineral water a day – and use supplementation. The de-acidifying diet is in fact a diet that eliminates certain products, which may be associated with nutritional deficiencies. The de-acidifying treatment usually lasts for about a month – just enough time for our body to get back into balance, provided that we follow its rules.

Supplementation effectively supports the de-acidification process. Formulas of the systems designed specifically to de-acidify the body frequently contain a unique ingredient: rosa centifolia extract which actively affects elimination of such metabolic waste products as acids. Rosa centifolia is a plant used by doctors for hundreds of years. contains large amounts of vitamin C, flavonoids, quercetin, anthocyanins and essential oils. The extract of its fruits has an harmonizing effect on the human body and gradually restores homeostasis. We recommend the NUTRICODE INNER BALANCE, food supplement, which works in two phases: both during the day and at night. The day formula, in the form of a sachet with soluble powder is designed to maintain the acid-base balance of the body and stimulate it to remove metabolic waste products. The night formula is a capsule taken before bedtime, which in addition to zinc and magnesium also contains herbal extract of lemon balm and hops, so it facilitates falling asleep and contributes to further reduction of body acidity.

Diligent following the principles of the alkaline diet and the use of the recommended monthly de-acidifying will bring the expected results. We’ll gain new energy and get rid of the unpleasant side effect, whereas our body will reward us with perfect physical condition even in the autumn-winter season.