October 25, 2016

ABC of usage

Perfumes emphasise personality, they say a lot about the taste and temperament of the user. Thanks to them you can delight with elegance, intrigue with sensuality or accentuate a go-getting character.  A lot depends on finding the right scent and on how we use it.

Choosing scents for time of day and year

The basic rule says to choose light and fresh scents (e.g. fruity or floral) for the day and for the summer. Colder seasons are better suited with heavier scents, oriental, chypre, woody, with musk enveloping with sensuality, and with distinctively smelling flowers. The scent should be chosen also for particular occasions. For an evening out to the theatre or a ball, heavier scents will be better. During the day, at work, delicate floral scents with fruity notes will be more suitable, and men should wear elegant and quite mild compositions, e.g. water, woody, or oriental-floral.

Body or clothes?

Parfum and eau de parfum should be applied directly onto the body. The body warmth will slowly warm up the composition and will allow all the notes to unravel. However, if we cannot spray perfume onto the skin, for example due to an allergy, then apply the scent onto clothes. Just remember not to let the scents mix with one another. Fabrics should always be fresh and clean.

Where to apply?

Neck, wrists, crooks, and neckline – these are the places where the scent will last the longest and will bloom to the fullest. Why? As there blood circulates faster and perfume will be stimulated to spread the most beautiful fragrance notes.

Delicate or strong?

A good way to smell delicately is to spray a cloud of fragrance in front of you and then just jump into it. People who like stronger scents should use perfume with higher fragrance percentage and apply it to the skin where the blood pulsates faster.

Scent empathy

Let’s imagine a yoga class where next to us is a lady who smells so intensely that we cannot concentrate.. Or a festive dinner during which the scent of the person sitting next to us is so aggressive that we cannot even enjoy the taste of the food.  This is why we always need to remember that even the scent that we absolutely adore, should be used in moderation.

Hair fragrances

Often, women who want to emphasise their exceptional fragrance spray the scent on their hair as well so that they spread the wonderfully scented aura around them with every move of their head. However, alcohol contained in perfumes may seriously damage hair strands, and this is why hair should be perfumed only with special hair fragrances. They will not only give a beautiful scent, but also thanks to nourishing ingredients, will improve hair’s condition and make it stronger.

Rubbing in – balm only

You should not rub perfume into the skin. By rubbing it in, you can irritate your epidermis and you will not achieve the desired effect. It’s better to use a matching perfumed body balm.

Protect from the sun

After you open the vial, try to use the perfume within a few months. Store it in a cool, dark place. Protect it from exposure to the sun.